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pitbull puppies questions answered!

  • What should you feed 5week old pitbull puppies? My grandparents decided to care take seven 4week old pitbull puppies. Sadly the mother was stolen and the puppies have been pretty easy to take care of. They've been being feed puppy formula out of a bottle one by one but there getting bigger (not to big) . Should they start feeding them dry puppy formula with soft dog food?
  • what do you know about pitbull puppies getting along with other dogs? I have a 5 year old springer spaniel ( @ 50lbs) and I have aquired a pitbull puppy. This was very unplanned and I am wondering if they will have a problem getting along when the puppy is grown. So far, so good, but it has only been 2 days.
  • How can I get my pitbull puppy to listen to me? I have a 8 week old male pitbull puppy. Every time he gets into something and I tell him "No" he just ignores me most of the time an keeps doing it. He growled and barked at me the other day when I scolded him. What can I do to make him listen to me better?
  • Why is it hard to find pitbull puppies at shelters? Do they become aggressive? I go to shelters frequently and look for pitbull or presa canario puppies to rescue from the dog fighting slave owners. But I never see pitbull puppies at shelters that should be getting rescued. You guys are preaching to the choir. I don't need reasons why I should adopt pit bulls. I firmly believe that any puppy grow up properly if treated with humanity and respect. I live in a major city and the main city shelter has no idea why they never get pit bull puppies. If we rescued all the puppies then none would go to the slave owners!!
  • How fast should my pitbull puppy grow? He is 4 months, and I looked online and saw other pitbull puppies that were 5 months and way bigger than my puppy. He has the same size paws and legs as my 50 pound boxer/pit mix, but about 6 inches shorter. I would guess he weighs 25 pounds maybe, but I have no idea. I saw the puppys dad, and he was 90 pounds..So basically how much weight do they gain every month until their full grown?
  • How to stop my pitbull puppy from biting? I just bought a pitbull puppy shes about 10 weeks old now and I know she is teething but I don't want her to think its okay, whenever she bites I say "No!" and give her, her bone. But whenever I'm walking away from her shell stop chewing on her bone and run after me biting my ankles and calves. How do I stop this behavior?
  • What is the best training for a pitbull puppy? I have a blue pitbull puppy and what to train him to be around kids and not to bark at everything.
  • Where to get a pitbull puppy in Michigan? My fiancee and I are looking into getting a pitbull puppy. We live approximately 60 miles north of Detroit in Michigan. Can anyone please tell me where I could find a pit pup for relatively inexpensive. It doesn't need to be AKC registered, just cute.
  • what is the best dog food for a pitbull puppy? I just bought a pitbull Puppy and i want to know which type of dog food is best to make him grow as big,strong and healthy as he can be.