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pug breeders questions answered!

  • Where can I find a pug breeder in Arkansas? I am looking for pug breeders here in Arkansas. Mostly the central part of the state. Does anyone know where I can find one? I've gone to numerous pet websites but there just doesn't seem to be that much information about pug breeders here where I live. Any responses will be greatly appreciated!
  • Is there any reasonable priced pug breeders in ohio? We are looking for a female black baby pug. We are located in Columbus, OH. We can travel but not more than 1 hour. Ive tried craiglist and every search possible. If you know of any pug breeders please leave the # and more information. like email or location. Thanks!
  • Where are some good pug breeders in the eastern coast of the USA? I'm looking for a good pug breeder. I have found a lot but don't know which ones to trust. Have any people bought pugs from breeders in NY? My friend lives there and I am trying to help her find a place to buy a pug. If you could please leave me the full address. Including the zip code. Thanks!
  • Do you know any good Pug Breeders in the DC Metro area? I really want to get another pug. The breeder I got my first pug from only has black pugs for her litter and I really want a fawn one. If you know any good pug breeders please answer asap!
  • Who is a Pug breeder on this program and has young puppies now? I have been looking for a baby pug for a while now and I should make a very good home for 1. So if you are a Pug breeder or a person that knows a Pug breeder in person please answer this question and give some info about your puppies.
  • Where can you find pug breeders? Im looking for a good pug breeder in alabama but cant seem to find any. Help?
  • Anyone know a good Pug Breeder in Winnipeg? I live in Winnipeg. Is there any good pug breeders in Winnipeg?
  • Do you know any good pug breeders in the Ottawa area?? I live in the Ottawa area and would like to know of any good pug breeders in that area.
  • Where can I find a pug puppy in San diego CA? My family and I are in search of a Fawn pug puppy..We want to get it from a breeder. I would love to get one from the shelter,but we for sure want to go to a pug breeder. Does anyone know of any pug breeders IN sandiego CA. I have a 12 year old indoor black male pug who just recently lost his best friend in november. Thanks
  • Where to find pugs to breed with my stud? I live in Atlanta, GA and was wondering where I could find female pugs, or breeders in the area? I have a stud from a championship blood line and he is AKC registered (has also been studded before, but they no longer wish to continue breeding) Any help would be appreciated!