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poodle skirts questions answered!

  • What would you call the style of skirt that is a poodle skirt? I want to sew my own skirts and I want them long and poofy like poodle skirts...but without the poodle...I don't know what sewing pattern to look up because I don't know what style of skirt that is?
  • What type of fabric to use for a poodle skirt? I am planning on doing a poodle skirt for Halloween this year. I have been doing research on what type of fabric to use for the skirt but I do not want to use felt or felt like fabric. Some website tell me not to use silk and other do others say cotton others don't.All i know is that I should use stiff fabric. I do not know much about fabric, looking for some recommendations to make a poodle skirt. Something that looks like the real deal, just not felt
  • Is it too weird to wear a poodle skirt to school? I found these poodle skirts online, and I was thinking of getting one but I thought maybe it would be too weird to show up at school wearing a poodle skirt. I'm in seventh grade. Do you think people will laugh at me?
  • What type of shoes should i wear with a poodle skirt and a white shirt? They need to be in style and need to be different then what they usually wear with poodle skirts.
  • How can I make a poodle skirt flowy without using a crinoline? I am making a poodle skirt( I haven't made it yet) and I was wondering if i could make it more flowy and puffy without using a crinoline.Would i sew something into it? I would prefer not to buy one because the crinolines are not cheap.
  • What year exactly did the poodle skirt become popular? Well, me friend is going to be from the fifties for halloween, but she wants some background info. on her costume. I know that poodle skirts are from the fifties, but does anyone know what year exactly?
  • How do you make a 50s Poodle Skirt? A few friends of mine need 50s attire for a choir concert and they asked me to make poodle skirts for them. Does anyone know where I could get a free pattern for one?
  • Where can I buy a poodle skirt that is not from a Halloween store? I'm dressing as a girl from the 50's and I need to get a poodle skirt (and some shirt) for it. I don't want to go to a Halloween store because I don't like the quality of the skirts there. Where can I buy a nice one or variation of one?
  • How should I wear my hair with a poodle skirt? It's homecomming week at my school and we're dressing up for "way back Wednesday" tomorrow... I'm wearing a poodle skirt. I want to wear my hair like they did in the 50's or like in the movie Hairspray. What should I do, and if you suggest a poof or something how do I get it like that?
  • Where can I find a pink poodle skirt without the poodle? I have been searching the entire Internet but cannot find anything that looks like a 50s poodle skirt, except with out the poodle. I don't mind if it has polka dots or some sort of pattern, but I do not want a poodle on it! Also, I am looking for something that is pink, preferably a bright pink. My budget is no more than $40. Please help?