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pit bull saves family from fire questions answered!

  • What interesting dog breed stories do you know? I heard this one story about the Irish Wolfhound that touched my heart and I would like to share it:) These dogs were breed to protect people from wolves in Ireland. Very strong and excellent hunters. Long ago, the king of Ireland received an Irish wolfhound as a present. Everyday he would go hunting with his dog. He grew to love this dog with all his heart. Until one day he went hunting by himself. When he returned he seen blood everywhere in his castle. He searched everywhere in the castle to find his family. Sadly, they were no where to be found. Instinctively, he searched his new born child's crib to see if at least the heir of his throne was safe. Not there. Finally he seen his dog's mouth covered in blood. With rage he took the biggest longest sword in the castle and stabbed the dog in the back. The poor dog let out a heartbreaking yelp while it was dying. Just then he heard crying, he followed the sound and found his child under the couch with a dead wolf beside it. The king never smiled again from that day on. Yes, it was truly one of the saddest animal stories I was told. Also, I learned something from the story. Eventhough, Irish wolfhounds aren't the most beautiful of dogs They are certainly one of the most loyal breeds you can get!
  • I would like to worship the god that has the most severe punishment for failing to be properly deferential? Which one would that be? My idea is, the rest of the gods can punish me but it won't be quite as awful.
  • PITBULL SAVES FAMILY FROM BURNING HOUSE! WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THAT? This just made my entire day!!!! There are so many yahoo post about how terrible Pit Bulls are and how they should be banned and I always reply how sweet they can be! This Pit Bull, named Baby, is 10 years old and just saved a family from their house being on fire! She woke them up so that they could get to safety THEN WENT BACK IN to save the other dog! She had to drag the scared pup out by the neck through the burning home so that it would not get torched. Since this has to be a question... now do you believe that Pit Bulls can be amazing pets?
  • Christians, is there any particular reason why god's mercy and grace doesn't extend to the after life? In Christian mythology, is there anything about death that prevents your god from extending his forgiveness to souls in the afterlife? Particularly the ones who weren't bad people, but just didn't believe in your religion (or any religion).
  • Where can I get homeowners insurance? My homeowners policy was dropped because I have three Rottweilers. Do you know of anybody who will issue homeowners to me?
  • Do the most Christians know they are going to burn in Hell, no matter what they do? According to The Bible.
  • Can anything be done to preserve the "pitbull" terrier? I rescued a dog at the end of June, this year. And, later found out through 2 different vets that the dog is a Staffordshire Terrier. My apartment manager told me NO pets were allowed here....AT ALL. I was forced to call animal control. :( The day that she was going to be "put down" I went against the managers wishes, and went and got her. She is too good of an animal to be euthenized. The lady at the shelter told me that this dog was NOT going to be adopted out....AT ALL. This was due to her breed! The ONLY reason she allowed me to get her was because she knew the story behind it. Before rescuing her, I was afraid of dogs (all dogs, especially the bigger ones). Of all breeds to rescue, it was a "pitbull." I put that in quotations because the of the research I have done. I have learned that the term "pitbull" is actually a slang term. Not an actual breed. My question... What can be done to keep this breed and others from becoming "black listed?" Thanks in advance.
  • Invisible Hero..Can you Open Your Eyes? *Pit Bull saves family from House Fire* *Pit Bull alerts neighbors and saves 7-yr old from being raped* *Pit bull plants kisses on pre-op patients* *Pit Bull gets help for a man injured in 12 foot fall* My point here is that horror stories bring in money. Using the name 'pit bull' generates even more profit. The media doesn't care about who was hurt and who wasn't. They are lining their own pockets on your fear. Positive stories don't sell papers. They get a little note on a back page while maulings make headlines. Frequently, the breed isn't even known. They just put the word 'pit bull' in. Can you find positive press for 'pit bulls? Yup Shanna. They are vicious and useless and apparently I'm a thug...My dangerous kiss bull got loose last night and almost smothered two kids and a teenage girl before I managed to rescue them. Of course, I'm not your average owner either. I work with my dogs and expect them to behave appropriately. Now if I can only get the neighborhood kids trained to stop running from the kissbull....:)
  • Do you believe in the whole heaven hell thing? i do, just curious to hear others opinions
  • Should animal testing be banned? My own opinion is that it should be banned, due to the idea that it is morally, medically and scientifically wrong. Animals have been known to save people’s lives before. Weela the pit bull saved 30 people, 29 dogs, 13 horses and a cat. Pepper the cat saved his family by stopping a house fire. Tonk the horse saved his owner from a grizzly bear. Animals do feel pain. Anyone who believes that they don’t should try kicking a dog and watching what happens. Although animals have some human emotions and we all have some of the same body parts, animals have a different genetic system from us and this has resulted in many drugs killing people. For instance, chimpanzees are immune to HIV and Malaria. Penicillin is toxic to guinea pigs. Morphine makes cats stay awake, whereas it makes humans go to sleep. There are now so many alternatives to animal testing that I feel it would be possible for your charity to stop animal testing. Thanks to some creative, caring scientists there are now donated human cells, fake skin and organs, computer models and clinical research can all now be used instead of animals. For a full list of alternatives, go to Because of the fact that millions of animals are tortured unnecessarily each year, and because of the people who have died because of drugs passed as safe in animal tests, I urge you to stop funding or conducting animal testing.