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poodle rescue questions answered!

  • I'am looking for a poodle rescue foundation? I'am looking for a poodle rescue foundation that will help me place a miniture poodle with a happy home.
  • Looking for Poodle Rescues in Washington State - surrounding states? My family and I have empty nest syndrome, if you will when it comes to dogs. I have been searching over Washington, Oregon and Idaho looking for Poodle Rescue centers who actually want to part with their poodles. We live in Western Washington and are anxiously looking. Please be kind in your posts. Thank you.
  • What do you think about this dog situation? A older woman I know wants to adopt a Poodle through the local poodle rescue. However, the rescue would not allow her to adopt unless her other dog had a recent rabies shot. (It's last rabies shot was 3 years ago.) But the woman refused. The reason she refused is that her dog is an 18 year old poodle that is not in the best health. She does not want to risk the dog's life for a shot that really isn't needed. (That dog will never come into contact with rabies.) What do you think? Is the rescue being unreasonable?
  • Do you think dogs are the reason for my allergic reaction? So I volunteered at the animal shelter on Sunday. I got swollen eyelids on Wednesday morning. Would it take that long for an allergic reaction to start? I volunteer at a poodle rescue, but there are some mixes there. I also owned a Chihuahua for a year, and I never had any allergic reactions to him.
  • If it turns out I do have cancer should I not adopt a dog? I have been in contact with a poodle rescue for the last few months. I wanted to adopt a dog when I graduated from college. I have lumps on both breasts and am getting a breast exam on Monday.
  • Questions to ask when adopting a rescued dog from a puppy mill? My friend is going to adopt a poodle rescued from a commercial breeding facility. She is considering a 3 year old or a six year old miniature poodle. both males. What are some good questions she should ask the rescue owner before she adopts the dog?
  • Should we get a rescue or quality breed akc poodle? My wife and I are retired, and both of us have had miniature poodles in the past. Hers was a stray off the street ( and clipped on the kitchen floor) and mine was a show quality miniature apricot from an active competitive breeder (my CPA at his day job) who grew 1/2" too tall for showing. She was obviously beautiful and bred for temperament as well as appearance and every 5 weeks went to "Preston's Country Club for Pets for grooming. Our initial intention was to get an adult miniture from a Poodle Rescue organisation as we have no intention or interest in competitive showing or breeding - just a great companion. The more research I do however points to the importance of good genes and heredity to avoid predisposition to health issues like dysplasia and heart and eye issues. Should we get the pet from a rescue the best we could hope for would be a "purebred poodle" which would expose us to puppy mill dogs where profit takes precedence over quality. A second concern is the ability to retrain an adult with a difficult past or behavior issues. I have survived the three year process of Lab adolescence but understand poodles are a lot brighter and adaptable. Perhaps surviving puppyhood is worth the price for a long term companion without issues. Both of our minitures in the past were adults from optimal environments so we don't know if our expectations to "retrain" a troubled dog are realistic. I've been reading Millan, Katz and others to be prepared when the right companion becomes available rather than play catch up with our dog in hand. We will be making a lifelong committment but want to control as many of the variables as we can and are in no rush to get a dog hopefully within the next 6 months. Your suggestions and insights on our situation would be most appreciated - TIA - Marc - spell checker failed me. While breed is a good word, It's not the right one for my title where bred is what I meant.
  • What kind of dog breed or breeds do you own and how do they get along? I have 2 pitbulls(females) and a small maltese x poodle mix rescue (male). I never imagined that theyd get along like they have and most people said we were crazy when we brought the little puppy home, but its been almost a year and I have never had a problem. Just curious on some other peoples breed of dogs and how they get along if u have more than one. When they play together the girls are actually pretty gentle with the puppy its as if they know hes too small( he only weighs 6 lbs) to get to rough with. For example when theyre playing with a toy rope Diamond (80lbs) will just kinda lay there and let him tug, shell never even get off the ground, i think its too cute!
  • Does anyone know of any poodle breeders in NH or southern ME? Miniature poodles is what I'm looking for. Any poodle rescue sites around this area too?
  • Where can I find inexpensive minature poodle puppies in the San Francisco area? I am looking for a black minature poodle for my mom, but it has become a much more difficult task than I ever expected. Not only are they hard to find, but everyone seems to want a fortune for them. Can anyone help?