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standard poodle questions answered!

  • How dangerous a dog is the Standard Poodle? Time and again, the Standard Poodle is reported as being the alpha dog in feral dog packs hunting down deer in the suburbs. What makes this intelligent, playful dog turn so wild?
  • What is it like having a standard poodle? What has been your experience with this breed? I'm planning on getting a standard poodle somewhere in the future. I want to know how others feel about this breed?
  • Can a standard poodle have black on its tongue? I bought a standard poodle for breeding the older she gets ,the more black her tongue gets.
  • what type of poodle is considered a Standard poodle? i want a therapy dog and people say that a Standard poodle is the best, but i have no clue what a Standard poodle is! so what type of poodle is considered a Standard poodle anyway?
  • How do you train a standard poodle to track? I would like to train my standard poodle puppy to track scents. He's still pretty young so I figure he's the perfect age to start training. Any help that can be given would be great.
  • Do standard poodles make good family pets? I saw a standard poodle at an outdoor party last week, and it was very pretty, (it wasn't gayed-up with all the weird fur trimmings) And it was also very nice and not crazy and annoying, and it didn't harass children either.. And it looked like an altogether nice dog. What do you think? I'm planning on getting a dog when I get in college because I'll probably be staying by myself somewhere and I want a watch dog.
  • What happens if you mix a mini poodle with a standard poodle? If a male miniature poodle, and a female standard poodle have puppies what size are they? Are they standard, mini, or somewhere in the middle? I have been trying to find this answer all day, and haven't had any luck. Thanks!
  • How to keep my standard poodle from pulling down my curtains? My 7yr old standard poodle pulls down our expensive drapes very often! She only does it when we aren't home and it makes my mom really grumpy and lets just say you wouldn't want to be around her. Everyone says to put her on a leash or junk like that. But she only does it when we aren't home and we can't put her in a kennel because she chews on herself and we don't want to risk injuries. Please help!!