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retriever training forum questions answered!

  • What are the rules and requirements for hunting trials, and how do you train? I asked this question yesterday but I didn't get any good responses, so I'm trying again. Can I have links to sites and books please? I'm researching for a story. Also I need to know, when is rabbit season and can a non-AKC dog participate in the trials? More specifically I'm working with beagles and rabbit hunting. And I need to know how you first train to hunt alone and then how you would train if another dog was introduced to make a pair. Thank you!
  • Is it ok for the puppy to sleep in the crate all night? I just got this 9 wks old golden retriever, he won't stop barking all night last night (1st night). We currently use a gate to fence him off in the kitchen (because everywhere else is carpeted in our apartment), but he doesn't like it and will pee and poop everywhere in the kitchen. Should i get a crate for him instead? I just thought he'll have more room in the kitchen then to be confined in a crate. If i do get him a crate, can he sleep in the crate all night? I mean when we go to bed, we should put him back in the crate right? And just ignore him when he barks? He wakes up really early, do we have to wake up early with him too? Do we put his food/water tray in the crate too? The breeder gave us a towel with his mom's scent on it, but it's not helping. We have lots of toys for him and some chewing stuff. I don't want him to be scared of us in the beginning by ignoring him all night. ARGH!! HELP!
  • Why should breeders conform to the breed standard? I say this because I'm writing an argument on the subject of animal breeding for my english class, and I find this to be a point repeated in many breeder forums and handbooks. I agree with the point, of course, mostly because I think a breed standard is necessary to keep out traits that are undesirable in a creature, however, the breed standard tends to only outline physical traits, and this seems a bit problematic, as a beagle and a collie have different habits and instincts--breed into the breed by humans, of course--and there isn't really a standard for that. I mean, is a collie still a collie if it has absolutely no ability (not trainable) to herd sheep? Right, back on topic. Still though, why should breeders not breed mutts? Why are designer dogs so poorly received by the strict breeding world? A little help would be appreciated! Thanks and have a nice evening.
  • What's your favorite family dog breed and why? I probably have a 3-way tie of a boxer/golden retriever/lab! I've had 2 golden retrievers when I was younger and they were just great! I've met many great labs! And lately I've been researching different short-haired dogs that go well with kids, so we'll be getting a boxer in the next year or so.
  • How do teacup maltese act and behave? My sister is going to be getting a teacup maltese this summer. Im very excited for her but she really isn't much of a "dog" person. I have a golden retriever that i trained by myself and hes great, but i have a feeling that im gonna be stuck training this teacup maltese. Can you guy give me links to websites or information on how easily they learn and all that stuff? It would help so much!
  • How accurate are skin allergy tests for dogs, and which breed to they use for testing? I recently had a skin allergy test for a variety of allergens including dogs. I have never reacted to dogs, although I am allergic to cats. I was wondering how accurate the test is and whether anybody knows which breed of dog they use to test? I am looking to buying a labradoodle. I have never previously reacted to either labradors, poodles, retrievers, pugs, collies, spaniels... dogs...!
  • what is the mindset of a labrador retriever? I'm interested in learning more about the breed and how their minds work... how their hunting abilities can be used in helping them be trained and how their brains work... their mind and thoughts... Any good websites or information would be appreciated
  • Are you on here to learn from others or to give advice to others and validate your own opinion? What would you like to learn, from who? Who would you like to teach, what would you teach them? LEGIT - WHAT IS THE DOG BREED/TYPE OF DOG YOU WOULD NEVER OWN.
  • Is it really tough to handle german shepher for a first time dog owner? I want to buy GSD.but many people are telling me not to buy it because it is my first dog.what should i do?
  • more info on German shepherds and golden retriever dogs? i have these two dogs and know about the breed but i want to know more is there any websites or books you perfer for me to read on everything from training to type of food and how they think and all and also any good true story books,thanks. and will my golden retriever stop growing since she had a litter.(don't worry they all went to good forever homes)i made sure.