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golden retriever puppies questions answered!

  • How much to feed golden retriever puppy? I have a 5 month/21 week old golden retriever puppy. My family has been feeding her about a cup, or a little more, for all three meals and she is looking a tiny bit chubby. Not terribly overweight, just a tiny bit. Are we feeding her too much? Please help!
  • What kind of dog looks like a golden retriever puppy? I love golden retriever puppies (~3 to 6 months old), especially how their fur/hair is and how playful they are, but they get too big when they grow up as adults. I want to find a dog that basically looks and kind of acts like a golden retriever but stays small (~20 pounds max). What kind of dog would this be?
  • How to know which Golden Retriever Puppy to choose from a litter? Hello,My mother will soon be taking me to see a litter of Golden Retriever puppies,but I'm not sure how to choose the right one for me.How can I tell if a puppy is for me?Please tell me all the facts about how to find the right pup.Thanks! Okay,Thank you all for your answers.
  • Can name me some ways to stop golden retriever puppies from biting or scratching? You see, I got bitten and scratched by my golden retriever puppy. I'm currently trying to train it not to bite or scratch.
  • Anybody know a good place to buy a golden retriever puppy? I am trying to buy a golden retriever puppy (lighter coat prefered) but I am worried that there are places online that are fake or scam or maybe the dogs are not in good condition (where puppies *look* ok). Anybody know a good place to buy a puppy online? (I would buy it where I live in Arizona but can't find any). Please help me! I want to buy a good healthy cute puppy!
  • How much would a golden retriever puppy cost? I am looking into buying a golden retriever puppy because I would to have a loyal friend and companion and also someone to accompany me on my daily walk. How much would a puppy or a young golden retriever cost and where should I look? I have already checked my local animal shelter but have none. Thanks!
  • How can u tell if a Golden Retriever puppy's coat is going to turn out more of a reddish color? I really want to know how to tell if a golden retriever puppy's coat is going to change to more of a redder color! Oh and how can u tell if the puppy will grow to be more big than others? Thanks a bunch!
  • How big will a Golden Retriever puppy get in a year's time? I'm currently looking into getting a golden retriever puppy, but the apartment that I live in has a weight and length requirement. I will only be in my apartment for a year, so I was wondering how big the puppy would get during that time frame.