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flat coated retriever questions answered!

  • where can i find a yellow flat coated retriever? the yellow flat coated retriever is frowned on by enthusiasts and is not allowed in the show ring but i already have a black and a liver coloured one and would like to own a yellow one. anyone know where i can get one?
  • Where can I buy Flat Coated Retriever in India? I am trying to locate a respectable breeder of Flat Coated Retriever in India. I have a small family of 3 members and I am willing to undertake the itineraries for the right puppy with reputable parentage. Is it possible to import a puppy? Could anyone help me with that aspect?
  • Is the flat coated retriever a good breed for first time owners? I'm looking to get my first dog, and was wondering if a flat coated retriever would be a good breed? I'm looking for a dog to hike, swim, and travel with me, easy to train, good for agility. Anyone have any experience with the breed? I'd love to have one, but I want to make sure it would be a good fit. @ Dalmatian Appreciation, thanks for that. I didn't think I'd be getting more replies, so didn't see fit to clarify. Glad you knew what I meant, though! Although this will be MY first dog, I have volunteered as a trainer at a shelter, and trained friends and families dogs before, I'm even considering training as a career. I just would be more comfortable with an 'easier' breed for my first, since I've never been completely, 100% responsible for a dog before. Thanks for the information, I've been looking into FCR's, and the more I read, the more I fall in love with the breed. I don't know that there is any shows, anywhere around me, but I'll try emailing breeders and see what I can learn, maybe see about getting to talk to them in person and meet with their dogs. Thanks again!
  • Does anyone know where I can buy a Flat Coated Retriever in Ireland? I am looking to buy a Flat Coated Retriever in Ireland and have no idea where to start! The nearer to Kerry the better :) Can anyone help?
  • Is it true that when a female flat coated retriever leans on you it likes you? Been told that when I first went to a breeder a few years ago. My own flat coated retriever (female) has started leaning on me when stroking her. Those this mean she *ahem* likes me or is it just instinct?
  • What do you brush a dachshund/flat coat retriever mix with? She has more of a Flat coat retriever coat, now I brush her with a pin brush and a metal comb, and a flea comb. Is this good? Thanks!
  • I have a flat coat retriever; she will not go into the water.What can i do? My dog Maggie is a flat coat retriever, but I cannot get her to go into the water .What can I do?
  • How do I stop crying every time I think of our almost 10 yr. old Black Flat Coated Retriever who passed away? We got our dog, "Magic" when he was only 6 months old. He passed away almost a year ago, yet I still am very sad and cry sometimes as I miss him so much. I don't want another dog, I don't think, but I miss Magic so much. He was a Black Flat-Coated retriever who was bread for hunting. Magic was never interested in hunting, Magic was given to my husband at 6 mo. old as all he wanted to do was play and run around in the field and not hunt. I don't cry everyday anymore, but I still have some rough days. My girlfriends say to get another dog, but not sure the I can do that since Magic was the perfect dog. Any advise?
  • Does any one know where I could Find a Flat Coat Retriever breeder in southern California? I live in Newport beach California with my cream golden retriever that is off white My mom wants another dog big dog so she wants a flat coated retriever they come in black or brown and cousins to the Golden Retriever so I want to have a black and white dog, but haven't found any breeders can you help me? p.s i would get a rescue dog but my dad doesn't want a mutt.
  • What are the pros and cons of a golden retriever? Also what are the pros and cons of a Flat coat retriever? Which would you get Golden or flat coat?