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miniature dachshund questions answered!

  • What is the size of a average Miniature Dachshund? I have a Chihuahua and a Chi-weenie (part Dachshund and part Chihuahua). But now I want a full Miniature Dachshund. But first I need to no if it will evan fit through the small dog door I have right now. So please help me by telling me the average height and weight of an adult Miniature Dachshund. Some of you are confused. When I said "tall" I meant from the bottom of its front paw to the top of its head not from its tail to its nose.
  • What are the differences of a miniature dachshund and a regular dachshund? Hi everyone! I was wondering what is the difference between a miniature dachshund and a regular dachshund. All I've heard is that a miniature dachshund doesn't get that serious back problem because they're smaller or something.I'm not sure if that's true but thanks for your help anyway. Thanks for all your help.
  • What qualities should I look for in a miniature dachshund puppy and how much do they cost? My wife wants to get a short-haired, black and tan miniature dachshund puppy. I have little experience with dogs, especially buying them. I'm not sure (a) what qualities to look for when selecting a puppy and (b) the average price range for a paperless miniature dachshund. Is there anything in particular to look for in the way of temperment, physical characteristics, etc? My wife found a breeder online that has some puppies (w/o papers) for $700 each. This seems like an astronomical price (I'm a cat person who is used to being able to adopting strays for no cost) but honestly I have no idea if it's a reasonable price. Any help?
  • How can I make my miniature dachshund adjust to being around bigger dogs? In a few months we are moving in with my aunt. They have 2 German Shepherds and 3 Labs. She is a miniature dachshund and I am worried she will be intimidated by the bigger ones. Because the family lives on a farm the big dogs play rough and chase each other a lot and I am just worried about her. Any tips on helping her adjust from a grassy subdivision to a dirt farm with 5 dogs?
  • What are the comparisons between a Brussels Griffon and a Miniature Dachshund? My husband seems to think a miniature Dachshund would be a great new dog. I'd love to have a Brussels Griffon. What are the pros and cons of each breed?
  • What is the best food for my Miniature Dachshund puppy? I will be getting a little miniature dachshund in about 2 weeks. She will be 8 weeks old, and just wanted some ideas on what to feed her, and how often? I am not too keen on supermarket brands, but not too sure on what to feed her. Any suggestions?
  • How many grams a day should I be feeding my 7 week miniature dachshund puppy? I have a 7 week old miniature dachshund puppy and I need to know how much to feed her a day. Thanks.
  • My 4 year old Long Haired miniature dachshund makes a sound and the movement like she is going to puke? My 4 year old Long Haired miniature dachshund makes a sound and the movement like she is going to puke? But she doesn't puke, she only makes the sound and movement. She also has been doing it non stop for half an hour. HELP?
  • How much should i feed the miniature dachshund of satin balls? I have a very skinny bones showing miniature dachshund he eats a ton and doesn't. Gain anything her is only 4 months old and has had all his test done nothing irregular so was wondering what amount of satin balls each day shoukd I give him how many pounds ounces or cups should I give him and what other suggestions to make him gain weight