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long haired dachshund questions answered!

  • How to convince my mom to get me a long haired Dachshund? I want a mini long haired dachshund so bad. They are adorable. I have one dog that is about to die :( a big english mastiff. But i really want something small and cute. I want it for Christmas. What should I say to convince her ? (: Shut up Brittany. My English mastiff bites, she is a vicious dog.
  • How long does it take for a long haired dachshunds long hair to grow in? I have a mini long haired dachshund who is about 10 weeks old. She has wavy hair on her ears which is a little longer but otherwise has the coat of a smooth haired dachshund. How long does it usually take for their long hair to grow in?
  • What is the best hair brush for a Long Haired Dachshund for home use? Hi, I need a few recommendations as to what you think is the best brush to use for a Long Haired Dachshund. Need name of brush, model number if applicable. I'm actually asking for someone else. Neither of us are professional groomers but we both have dachshunds. Friend needs a good brush. Mine is short haired so I don't need brush. Thx!
  • What kind of shampoo can I use on my mini long-haired dachshund? I have a mini long-haired dachshund, I would like his coat to be shinny. When I give him a bath, I use oatmeal shampoo that I bought at the pet store. He eats Eukanuba puppy food. Also, what can I use to make him smell good too? He doesn't like me to brush him. Is there something I can do to make this easier for him and me? My mini long-haired dachshund is 16 weeks old!
  • Can you show me some pictures of long haired blue merle Dachshund? I Know now that Jack Russell are mean and REALLY hyper so i decided i wanted a blue merle long haired Dachshund. Please give me Miniature only. I wanted some pictures because i cant find any good ones and if you have one can you post them as in yours. Also what they are mostly like. Thank you. I did not mean "mean" i meant snappy and not good with kids.
  • What are good websites to look at with cheap prices for long haired dachshunds? im looking for websites to buy cut long haired dachshunds! CHEAP! by cheap i mean like 300$ 0r 350$
  • where can i find a long haired dachshund puppy at an affordable price? I live in covina CA and I'm not sure how to find this specific dog (long haired dachshund), I've looked online but all the breeders are out of state or they cost around 1,300$ ! anybody know of any local breeders or places I could find one thats affordable??? Thanks
  • Is it possible for two long hair dachshunds to produce a short haired dachshund? I want to buy a long haired cream dachshund from a breeder that I found. The parents of this puppy are both long haired but the breeder is telling me that the cream colored doxie puppy is short haired. Is this possible? Everything that I have read is telling me that it is not possible.
  • Are long haired dachshunds a manly dog? I am a guy and I am thinking about getting a long haired dachshund, but I don't want to look girly whenever I him with me. I haven't seen a guy with a long haired dachshund before either. So, if you think a man would still be a man with a long haired dachshund or if you don't I will count these as votes. Please answer.