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How can I stop my boyfriends brothers pitbull from harassing the family doberman?

This male pitbull is about 3 years old and isn't neutered. The female Doberman is like over ten years old and is spayed. He keeps licking her and barking at her and trying to hump her every second of the day. I feel it's a dominance thing but I want it to stop. The dobi is old and small for a doberman. She's fragile and doesn't like it. I don't want this blue pit to hurt her. They've been living with each other since he was a puppy and got along fine. The past few days this has been going on and it's pissing me of, I have to keep my dobi in my room all the time because he won't leave her alone. How do I stop this? Neutering is out of the question, it's not my dog. He's also untrained and doesn't go anywhere all day. He's stuck in the house all the time, I feel bad but theres not much I can do. I have a gated area at my dads house, If I took him there and let him run around for a while, would he calm down?? It's not my house, it's my boyfriends parents house and he lives there, so he keeps the pitbull there. Like I said a lot of things are out of my control in this situation. I'm just sick of him bothering her all the time. And the gated area is HUGE and has a lake on it. He could run around wherever he wanted and not get loose. Not neutered because he wants to breed it. Sorry about these details I failed to put in the first time. Family doberman means it's not mine. It's actually the boyfriends brother's but he hasn't done anything with it since she was a puppy, so it's pretty much become his parents dog. Although when I moved in she started favoring me the most, so I GUESS she's mine lol. No I joke. I can't take him anywhere else, especially on a walk because he isn't trained and he'd be to strong for me to keep control of him on a leash. ._.


  • Well, you need to convince whoevers dog it is to stop being a fool and neuter the dog. simple as that.
  • How about asking your boyfriends brother to remove his animal from your home? Why is his brother's dog living with you anyway? It's become YOUR pet if it's always in your home. It's not good for you poor old girl to be harassed and bothered. It's very stressful on her and not good for her health. It sounds like he needs training and exercise. Letting him run loose in a yard isn't exercising him. He needs to be taken out on a leash and walked, jogged, biked with etc.. for at least 45 minutes every day. He's probably bored and finding ways to amuse himself. He's probably also trying to assert dominance over her. Until something can be done I would keep them separated. Maybe put him in a room and let her have the house as she's used to. Neutering him won't help if he isn't trained and is never exercised.
  • Since you do not have control over whether the dog is trained or neutered, get a powerful spray bottle of water, (or there are safe deterrent sprays you can get at pet supply stores), and spray it right in this dog's face every single time it happens. Why people refuse to have their dogs neutered or get them trained is beyond me. How sad it is that this dog's owner does not care enough about this dog to do the right things for him. If this dog is put outside, he will not exercise on his own. Mine lays in the big backyard and waits to come inside when I get home.
  • Since the humping just started happening, chances are that the Dobe has developed a urinary tract infection. That can sometimes make males respond as if the female is heat. Have her checked out by the vet. If that isn't the problem, and IF it's your Dobe (not sure what you mean by "family doberman"), take the dog and move back in with your parents, or else get a job and move somewhere you can have your dog and she can live in peace.
  • If it's driving you crazy, then do something about it. Offer to walk the dog (on a leash) a couple times a day to help get out that energy. A structured leash walk 2x per day for 45-60 minutes is actually better than simply letting him run around some place.
  • Keep the young, untrained pitbull seperated from the older Doberman with a gate. The poor old female Dobie, shouldn't have to deal with a young idiot pit at her age. To bad, her owners are not smart enough to step in and help her. As for the pitbull, he needs to be neutered. Pitbulls are a dime a dozen and even cheaper at any given shelter. Convince your dopey BF to neuter the dang thing and get some training while he's at it.
  • he wants to breed it ... is he out of his mind? DUMP HIS A** sorry, but i own a dobe myself and aint no dog would be mounting my baby. tell your boyfriend either he trains his dog or you move out. your boyfriend sounds like an idiot. he wants to breed a pit who was most likely from a byb or puppy mill , he doesnt train his dog and he obviously cares little about the dobe. id be gone so fast....
  • Get the dog neutered. CDC and Human Society separately found that around 90% of serious dog attacks on people involved non-neutered males. Of course your BF has a stupid reason not to, maybe in addition to perhaps the usual stupid young male dog owner reason (I woon wan nobody doin that ta me, so I won do it to mah dawg). It's nonsense, don't put up with it. Multiple strong dogs in a household (even if one is old) is a big risk factor for problems including dog fights which spill over into attacks on people. Non-neutered strong dog is another big risk factor. You've got two. Dog attack horror stories don't mainly fall out of the sky randomly, and they also have nothing inherently to do with breed. They come from the mixture of bad ownership practices and strong dogs, just like you're doing.