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what are good chew toys and regular toys to give to a litter of english bulldog puppies?

We have 4 english bulldog puppies that we are keeping. They are 9 weeks old. What is the best toys for them to play with. Are they too young for rawhide bones? Thanks in advance!


  • yes they are to young for rawhide bones they dont understand that they can't devour them there fore they do and end up making theirselves sick if you want to give them something to chew on get "real" bones there hard and they can't eat them just "chew" on them like their supposed to... 9 weeks i would consider getting them soft/plush toys because their teeth and still not fully developed and you dont want them to brake any.. however i think any and all toys will be fine it all depends on how you play with them if you wan to teach them how to play fetch for instance you would get them balls and rolld thema round on the floor so they know that they are their's to play with. i hope this helps :D
  • yes they are too young for rawhide, rawhide cannot be digested and will more than likely give those puppies serious diarrhea. stick to softer toys, remember these little guys barely have teeth, they can't be biting into rawhide yet. try puppy kongs, fill them with the stuffing you buy for them, things like this they lick instead of bite, you don't want them to break their little teeth before they even have them
  • just get a variety of toys.. they can try out the different textures, each pup will figure out their favorites.. try some plush toys, rope toys, rubber squeakies, kongs, etc. No rawhides.. they are not good for dogs. Rawhides can cause a choking hazard, as well as blockages. They are also processed with dangerous chemicals. Even better for a dog's teeth is raw meaty bones.. yes, Im serious. I have my dog on an all-raw diet, and after 3 weeks I've already noticed less tartar.. he had 5 years worth of tartar that even regular brushing would not remove. I have not brushed my dog's teeth since starting the raw diet. What seems to work best is when I give him a beef rib.. the action of stripping the meat from the bone is what cleans the teeth.
  • here are some toys and treats you can give your pup's you need to be so careful having this many pup's there is likely to be infighting and behavioural problems.