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How to find a good prospective French Bulldog puppy buyer?

I have recently had a litter of 6 vibrant, healthy and plump little French Bulldog puppies after mating my Ellie (3 years old) to E-Jay (1 year 5 months old). This was my first litter of puppies ever. My dogs weren't tested for anything and aren't Champions but Ellie and Kaylie's parents are both AKC Champs (they are sisters) and E-Jay has a Grand Champion father. Also, all their generations were tested for genetics. I have NO idea how to find a good, worthy puppy buyer for all my puppies. I would be willing to keep a few but I really want to sell them all. Any suggestions? After confirming with my vet, there are 3 males and 3 females in her litter - all black and white. I don't want any of my puppies going to bad, unworthy homes so how can I find a good owner for them all? I have set the price at $1700 for females and $1300 for males but this may change as they grow. They are AKC registered, vet checked, wormed, microchipped and are currently a week old. Thanks. Oh and don't worry. I am not selling them yet, I just want to take deposits so I have homes lined up when they are older. I plan to sell them after they are 9 weeks old. Basically all I want is the new puppy buyer to be worthy, loving, able to afford and care for a puppy forever. They must know things about the breed and must be willing to fix their pups before 12 months old unless I decide that they can breed them.


  • Try these sites.
  • post it on the internet then request to meet them b4 sellin the pups 2 them
  • First off, I am glad I am not in your shoes. You could go to and make yourself a free web site for your ***Kennel*** Then you could go to google and google French Bull dogs for sale... that will bring up some sites that you can advertise on and get an idea of pricing and such. Don't put prices down as you don't want to scare off prospective buyers... Good Luck sew
  • Write down a list of questions to ask potential buyers then decide what are acceptable answers. Only sell to buyers who will treat them like members of the family. Frenchies are so very cute, but delicate in some repects. Let me know how it goes.
  • PLEASE make sure you include a contract to Spay or Neuter the dog with every one you sell... not that I think you should've been allowed to breed your Frenchies anyway........ Your French Bulldogs don't have the necessary requirements to be bred and could potentially contaminate the gene pool with health and personality problems. Also make sure that you let any buyer know the health risks that Frenchies have-- they often have skin allergies and horrible gas depending on what they eat. They snore loudly and can't handle the heat. They cannot handle lots of exercise (like jogging). They're probably one of the most troublesome breeds-- but their beauty and personalities make up for their heath problems. PS. I don't believe that they're AKC registered... unless you did it at petsmart or something.....
  • Check out the following sites: A lot of what is here is coming from the other side, the buyer's perspective, but it will also give you a good idea of what you need to do to be a reputable breeder. It requires a lot more than just matching sperm and egg. Yes, even pets need to come from health tested breeding stock and dogs with nice pedigrees. Even pets need to look as much like what the French Bulldog Standard calls for as possible. The problem starts with your breeder. Whoever you got your dogs from. They should have been willing to mentor you and help you throughout every step of Frenchie ownership, showing, health testing, breeding and then finally, helping you write a contract, health guarantee and even with placement of pups if need be. This is what a RESPONSIBLE, caring breeder does. The fact that they are not there to answer your questions tells me that you got them from someone who is likely NOT a reputable breeder and also means you will sell your puppies (hopefully not) in the same irresponsible manner. The breeders that just "take the money and run" are doing our breed no favors. This creates more back yard breeders like yourself who will unknowingly sell these pups and they may very well end up in puppy mills beyond your worst nightmare. Other than doing your homework FIRST, before you breed, you are running the risk of making life or death mistakes with your babies. Please get educated. Get on the Yahoo Group, Friends-of-Frenchies. There are caring, kind people on there with many years of experience in the breed who will be wiling to help you. The fact that you state your dogs were not tested or shown, reflects your desire to get the cart before the horse, so to speak. The deed is done now, so learn from your mistakes. There is a right and wrong way to do everything. Do your research and realize that the right way to do be a reputable, responsible Frenchie breeder is to get educated about the breed first, find dogs from healthy lines and buy from reputable breeders (FBDCA members - good place to start), show your dogs, get them finished, health test them, get them OFA certified and THEN make educated decisions on which dogs would be a good match for which bitches. A nice pedigree for breeding on a frenchie is having at least 50 champions in a 5 generation pedigree. This is the NORM for reputable breeders. Find a reputable breeder who will be willing to mentor you and go forward from there. I am only speaking to you from experience. I did not have any help or mentor at first either. But because of my struggle and years of learning, I want to be able to help you and possibly keep some of your babies out of rescue. We have plenty of foster frenchies as it is. Good luck and hope you can get on the right track at some point. You can do it... but it is a lot of work. Anything worth having is and there is nothing more important than your good name/reputation. So work on it and it will be worth it down the road. Best wishes