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When do I start feeding my Boxer puppies dog food?

My boxer puppies are 3 weeks old and starting to get their teeth. Born 6/3/08. When should I start them on dog food? What kind? Do I mix it with water?


  • they start eatting dog food about 5- 6 weeks
  • Any puppies I've ever had were fed a warm, soft puppy mush starting about 4 weeks of age, 3x a day. Mom will eat any leftovers. Any older than that and mom starts preparing to wean them and they may go hungry. Any good, high quality puppy food with no corn, wheat, soy or by products will do fine. I love Canidae and Chicken Soup puppy foods. DO NOT give your pups any kind of chocolate! I assume you, at least know that.
  • I liked weening puppies on things I'd make in the blender. When I weened early I used baby rice cereal to make the formula a bit more solid. If they were ultra young I used up my remaining goats milk or esblac with the cereal, and as time went on I added things like cooked egg yokes. Later as in 3 1/2 - 4 weeks I would add cottage cheese, chicken, etc. Also I would sit with them and use a baby spoon to teach them where the food was, sometimes that works really fast. When in a hurry or I wanted them cleaner I used a huge syringe without the needle and put the formula in their mouths. With a day or two they figure out how to eat on their own. Many people do put kibble in the blender with some milk as a starter food though. I just had spoiled puppies, but they had extra nutrients and were healthier from it I think.
  • no if mom is still nursing wait til 4 weeks and dont mix it with water mix it with supplement chocolate milk like drink. its kinda like slimfast but not to make u skinny anyway its good cuz it gets the food soft and it gives them calcium you can buy it at walgreens
  • if their still with their mother, wait untill she starts nipping at them when they try to suckle, if their not about 4-6 weeks, you can give them just 1 peice of food and see what they do with it... you'll be able to tell if their ready but make sure you specifically get them "puppy" food, and
  • I would start them on a soft canned puppy food now. You can use what ever brand you would like to use. Give them water in a dish along side the food. Make sure they get enough liquid at this time. they can get dehydrated very quickly when they are being weened. Good luck and enjoy them.
  • you want to start weaning them at about 5, or 6 weeks. you can soak it in water but i like to start with the blender method. for the first week there going to still want the boobie, so i like to blend up the puppy chow and water, then soak in water, then dry. slowly wean them off the boobie. i feed purina puppy chow.