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Is it better to get a 6week old boxer puppy or a 13 week old boxer puppy?

Ok so I've been lookin to get a boxer puppy. I've found one person who has 6week old boxer puppies that are 350$ akc registered. And another one who has one that's 13 weeks old ckc registered for 300$. I've heard that its best to wait to get one 8weeks old. Any advice or comments are welcomed I just wanna make the right choice


  • A recent Italian study showed that Pups that stay with their mom until at least 8 weeks of age had a lower rate of aggressive behaviors later.
  • 6 weeks old is far too early for a puppy to leave it's mother. Stay away from any breeder who will allow that.
  • Neither as presuming both are from a BYB one is 6 weeks old the other is registered with the CKC and that means its the continental kennel club based on that cheap price .
  • It's illegal in most places in the states to sell a pup under 8 weeks, check your state laws and if its illegal report the breeder.. Anyways, no reputable breeder is that cheap so you are most likely dealing with a BYB/puppy mill If you don't know what those are read these articles;
  • A responsible breeder would never place a puppy before 8 weeks of age. They make sell it, but won't allow you to take it home. So, the 13 week puppy makes more sense.
  • Both are badly bred backyard breeder puppies, so it's doesn't really matter. If you don't care about the health of the dog, the temperament of the dog, the quality of the dog, or that you are even getting a Boxer, then it doesn't really matter. Once you get your poorly bred pup, make sure you have a HUGE liability insurance policy for when your dog bites a child (poorly bred Boxers often have unstable temperaments) and $10000 in the bank for illnesses (poorly bred Boxers are LOADED with genetic defects). You MUST read these Boxer specific forum posts: No gory pictures, no Peta stuff, just information on buying a Boxer puppy.
  • 13 weeks if you have too, 6 weeks is WAY TOO YOUNG, however 13 weeks is also a little too old for the pup to be around the mother. The mom usually wants them to be independent at about 10-weeks. But if you can't do 8 or 9 weeks then 13 weeks is the next best thing. Great Dogs though.
  • Puppies should never leave their mum and litter mates before 8 weeks old. This time is very important for there socail and behaviour skills and puppies that leave to early are prone to serious behaviour issues as they get older . Never buy a puppy from a breeder who lets them leave before 8 weeks. I can't recommend you buy the 13 week old one as i know nothing about the puppy. Has the breeder had the gentic health tests done on both the parent dogs . When buying a puppy you need to buy from a reputable breeders who spend the time and money making sure they produce quality healthy puppies.
  • Anybody selling a 6 week old puppy is unethical. The minimum would be 8 weeks but the optimum is 12 weeks to see if there are any obvious defects. I doubt that at 6 weeks the puppy has an AKC registration because they have to be tattooed in order to be registered.
  • In most states it is against the law to sell a puppy before 8 weeks. Unless the CKC registration is Canadian Kennel Club and not Continental Kennel Club it's bogus and only collecting money.
  • I would get the 13 week old boxer. Its older, so it likely stayed with it litter mates long which is good. Also its cheaper. You can get the one thats 6 weeks old, but it would be more prone to aggressive behavior, unless you socialize it alot when you first get it. It doesnt matter if she is getting it from a BYB, those dogs are no different than a purebred dog. It wont have any "genetic health problems" or anything like that. Lots of BYB dogs are just fine.
  • Just a little something on the age thing. The big reason that most people do not let a puppy go before 8 weeks, besides the law, is because that is what will work best with a PET HOME. Most owners do so little research on dogs before they get them anyway, it is beneficial to have the puppies mom do some of the work in raising them. Which is also why some people dont let puppies go til 12 weeks. HOWEVER, it is very common practice for working and protection puppies to be placed in homes between 6 and 8 weeks of age. This way, the handler can teach bite inhibition in a different way and focus more on bringing out behaviors that may have been hampered if the puppy stayed with it's parents. There is absolutely nothing cruel, immoral, or bad about getting a puppy that young, IF YOU ARE GOING TO WORK IT IN A SPORT. If it is just going to be a pet, then wait til it is 8 weeks old. But even more important than all that, I would make a home visit and speak with this 'breeder'. 300 is a little low for pups, and AKC reg doesnt mean what it used to. You can register a GSD who'se hips are falling off it's body with AKC but that doesnt mean it's a good quality dog. A good visit will tell you if these dogs are worth buying, and I wouldnt commit to anything until you have put your hands on the dogs parents. Anyone who does not let you see the dogs family should be avoided, also ask them why the litter was bred, and see how their knowledge of the breed is. A boxer breeder should also be doing things with their dogs like competitions. Make sure your not getting a sickly pup! Edit: and for all those who say selling a puppy before 8 weeks will result in a dog who bites, we got our GSD at 7 weeks of age (for protection sport) and people are so surprised by how sweet and friendly she is that they dont believe she is all shepherd. No matter what age you get a dog, 6 weeks or 12, proper socialization is CRUCIAL in raising a happy and healthy dog. Also having spoken with other GSD/Dobi and protection people, there are some who even regret waiting til 12 weeks to get their dogs, and have had better dogs from buying younger. But again, this is a different world of dogs.