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I want to have my boxer dog evaluated?

I was wondering where I can find someone to evaluate my boxer dog's conformation. I show him in conformation shows, I have recently had him evaluated by my breed mentor and got a positive evaluation, but then my vet said quite the opposite so I'm looking for another opinion. I have pretty much decided my vet doesnt know what she's talking about as she doesn't show dogs so possibly doesnt know the breed standard. Can Anyone help me online?? Thanks in advance.


  • Breeders have a vested interest and the dogs they breed look like what they think a dog should look like, which may not be the standard as the rest of the world interprets it. Most judges are very nice and, if you speak to them when they have a break after a set of breeds, they will give you an honest opinion of your dog. If your dog is not winning, well that probably means something. You can also ask good pro handlers who handle Boxers for an opinion, other breeders etc, but be sure not to let them know who bred the dog so you get an honest unbiased opinion. You are most likely right about your vet, not many of them know any of the breed standards. You could also try posting a link to a photo of the dog at a place like and ask for opinions as only show people hang out on their message boards.
  • My only comment on this one, as far as a vet's opinion goes, would be no vet can possibly have an in-depth knowledge of every breed. So I'd be far more inclined to ignore what she has to say. What has she said is wrong with your Boxer? She would have knowledge of basic anatomy but not specific to each breed!! (She may have some Boxer breeders as clients, and have more knowledge of the breed than some vets however). On the other hand, some judges will look at 'the wrong end of the lead' so I'd not go by one judge's opinion alone. Once you've been out there, in the ring, for long enough, you should start to get a consensus as to the merits, or otherwise, of your dog. Add - For an opinion, you need to be able to see somebody who can put their hands on your dog, and see him MOVE. Much as they say the camera doesn't lie - photos can sure hide some faults!!!
  • Mama Bas is soooooo right. A knowledgeable Boxer breeder has to get their hands on your dog to evaluate it. What you feel can be completely the opposite of what you are seeing, and I've yet to meet a vet that knows much about conformation in any breed unless it's their own.
  • I don't know who your breed mentor is or what their credentials may be but your best option is to contact your local boxer club. They would have members that would be happy to evaluate your pup. But let them know that you want them to be truthful and not to sugar coat it. Although evaluating is difficult with pictures, as you also need to see how the dog gaits. As for the vet, your right as most vets know little to nothing on conformation for any breeds. They know general information but usually nothing on conformation or standards.