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how do i search for a stud boxer i put in add in the past 3 years?

I am searching for a photo of a boxer dog Zorro, I listed for stud service 3 years ago?


  • If you listed your Boxer as a stud dog don't you own the dog? How come you don't know where he is? Did you sell the dog? Even if you did you must know who you sold him to. I would try to answer your question if I understood what you mean but it's not making sense to me.
  • Contact whoever you sold him to? Or look at wherever you put the ad in?
  • Wow I'm confused. Am I missing something? You listed the dog for stud, but you don't have a picture of him? Or you used the stud services? But even then...wouldn't you have AKC information and be in contact with his owners? I'm really confused.
  • Waaaaaaaat??????? O_o Dont if you listed him he belongs to you ._. ?
  • What? Don't breed dogs.
  • Wow I'm also confused! Eiher way it sounds like you don't know what your doing so you shoudn't be breeding! There are so many poor animals in shelters that need homes already. :( Only professionals should breed!
  • Did you send him off to stud with a b*tch and then your dog was not returned? If so that is not the way studding works .. You don't send the dog anywhere, the b*tch comes to the dog. After 3 years of being missing you are SOL