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Procedure of How to buy a dog?

I want to look for dogs, with pictures and prices. Does anybody know any good sites? If not can someone tell me the standard procedure of buying a dog, and what's the difference between adopting a dog as opposed to buying a dog?


  • Technically, when you adopt a dog, you buy it. You are purchasing a piece of property. However, the connotation is that an adopted dog is one that is in a shelter or rescue and needs a home and buying is purchasing from a breeder (or other source). is one of the places to start your search. It lists the parent club for all AKC breeds. From them, you get breeder information, breed information, and usually puppy buying information. There are hundreds of dog quizzes out there. They all pretty much suck. I've been told ALL kinds of dogs that I have no interest in. I took one pet quiz that said I should have a bird and a dog quiz that said I should have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. I have a German Shepherd - pretty far away from a Parakeet and a Spaniel. And I can't stand Spaniels on top of that, lol. Purebred puppies run about $1000-$2000, with some special breeds, like the Bulldog, often going above this. Anyone selling for less than this is a backyard breeder or a mill. However, don't be fooled, price isn't a guarantee of quality. can give you a bit more info on breeders. You'll need to figure out how much work you can put into a dog, how long the dog needs to be left home alone on a regular basis (and if you can afford a sitter or daycare), how much grooming you want to do, what type of drives you want or don't want, the activity level of the dog, and even how vocal the dog is. Personally, I also consider things like whether or not they drool, snore, love mud, have a hard time being trained, etc. Get out and meet the dog breeds you are interested in. Ask about them from reliable people, like dog trainers, folks in the dog show world, and people in rescue. lists dogs in shelters and rescues around the country (and Canada). Both my dogs are rescue dogs and are purebred, well behaved, and gorgeous. But, that doesn't mean that all of them are or that a rescue dog is right for you. And that's fine, as long as you use a responsible breeder. I dog searched for about 5 years before I finally pulled the trigger on the GSD. I dog searched for about a year before I pulled the trigger on my little dog. I don't regret a minute of that time spent doing research, meeting dogs, and not rushing into one. I came close several times; I almost bought a Belgian Malinois and had contact with several Bouvier, Boxer, Doberman, and Shepherd breeders. Dogs will always be there, so never feel like you have to rush anything.
  • I own one dog, I love my dog...and if you ever get a dog, you will love them as if they share your own flesh and blood. Therefore, adopting a dog would be so much more rewarding. Go to your local shelter or look on this site There so many dogs that need good homes or they will end up euthanized, just because their initial owner were irresponsible doesn't mean they deserve that life. PLEASE ADOPT. If you are looking for a specific breed, there are also purebreed to puppy to adult dogs in shelters all the time. You will be saving a life.