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How much should newborn Chihuahua puppies be fed?

I have 2 Chihuahua puppies about 3 days old. I've been hand feeding with a syringe because I don't think the mom is feeding then since she's too hyper to be still. I have one of them separated because she's always pushed off to the side. The other one whines constantly until you pick her up or she is near her mom, but I never see her nurse. I have a puppy bottle, but they don't seem to latch on. I don't have a scale so I can't weigh them. So, how much should I be feeding them per day? Thanks in advance.


  • Very little amounts
  • a very good question for your VETERINARIAN!
  • After you take them in for their way past due vet exam you need to let their Mum feed them.
  • Unfortunately, this is the typical story of people breeding pets when they don't know what they are doing. Dogs push dying pups to the side. She instinctively knows that there is something wrong with the pup. It may not survive. Your best bet would be to take mama & both pups to see a Vet. You are lucky your little mama didn't die.
  • The puppy formula container should have a chart. Esbilac is to be fed at 2 teaspoons of formula (30 mL) per 4 ounces puppy weight per day. You need to get a scale. Every breeder should have a scale before the litter arrives.