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Can I bathe my three week old chihuahua puppies?

I have six, three week old chihuahua puppies and I was wondering at what age can I bathe them? And is it safe for me to bathe the mother even though she is still nursing? They do have fleas and that is my main concern. And if I can not bathe them does anyone have any suggestions as to what I can do to get rid of the fleas? And with what would you suggest bathing them with?


  • Please call a vet and ask. You could really make the puppies sick if you handle this the wrong way.
  • I would not bathe them until they are at least 6-8 weeks. and i would push for at least 2 mths but only if necessary. at three weeks and being such a tiny breed to begin with, they will lose body heat much more rapidly. puppies hate being wet because the cold is so uncomfortable. I would suggest getting some flea spray and gently spritzing some around the collar area.
  • You need a VET. They may also have tapeworm because of the fleas and only a vet can deal with that. Never use store bought treatments for very young puppies as it can kill them. A VET has what is safe for fleas, worms, and everything else. And please spay your dog. There are way too many chiuhuahuas being born. Too many breeders! Spaying will protect your dog from deadly uterine infection and other diseases. If you love chihuahuas, maybe get involved with chihuahua rescue?
  • No, you do not need to bathe three week old puppies. Get the mom some GOOD flea medication FROM THE VET, not otc. Treat the mom.
  • Yes, but get special shampoo from the vet.
  • There is no real need to bathe them that young. However, if they are very dirty and need bathed follow these guidlines. Bath them only in a small amount of water they can stand up in. Use NO CHEMICALS just water. Dry very thoroughly. Observe behavior afterwards. Anything abnormal call a vet. I would get advice of a vet before doing this though - but if you follow this shouldn't be a problem.
  • No...Absolutely not! You should not bathe them until they are at least 8 weeks old. They are to young and could get sick. Call your local vet and ask them what you can use on the mother but I know they will tell you not to bathe the pups until they get older.
  • NO. you need to wait until the puppies are at least 6 weeks to bathe. As far as the mother you cannot bathe her with flea shampoo that would be harmful to the puppies, but you can wash her in original Dawn dish detergent. After you bathe her take a good flea comb and brush her and you can do this with the puppies also. As you swipe the comb down the dog take it and swish it in a bowl of hot soap water. The Dawn won't kill the fleas but it will stun them then brushing with the comb will remove. After you have finished brushing take the water and flush it down the toilet. Some people make the mistake to just throw it out into the grass and they will just jump back on the dog when they go out go potty. Make sure you are careful around the mothers nipples and make sure they are rinsed off very very well before she nurses again. Make sure you clean their bedding very well also.