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Why the difference in price on these pug puppies?

I want a small dog, and the little pugs are just too cute. I was wondering why, I found 2 different named pug puppies, one micro (5000,) and one just miniature, (950.) Why the big difference and price, and are these different, or the same thing?


  • The micro one is a sickly runt that the so called breeder is trying to make some big bucks on. The other is a normal sized one. For 5 thou, that dog better juggle and tap dance.
  • There is no such thing as a "micro" pug or a "mini" pug. Both are bred by irresponsible Greeders looking to scam gullible people into thinking they're getting something special. BTW, pugs have a lot of health problems. Deliberately-bred runts would have even more. EDIT: From the AKC breed standard: "Weight from 14 to 18 pounds (dog or bitch) desirable." . Meaning anything below 14 lbs is UNdesirable. A fault.
  • Micro puppies are more rare and are bred to extra small as smaller dogs are becoming more popular and they also live longer than bigger dogs. Micro puppies are definitely more expensive as well and can have more health problems especially a pug because when they get older they get bad breathing problems.
  • Walk away from both... no such thing as micro or miniature, and the one charging $5000 has looked at what top pugs go for from responsible breeders and has the audacity to assume it is ok to charge the same.. Forget it and go to a decent breeder that does full genetic screening and invests the money into the breed in the first place. Just the 'micro' and 'miniature' tells us that these breeders are not responsible breeders.
  • A Pug is a Pug. They don't come in different sizes. The so-called breeders are trying to sell you sick dogs, by giving them special names. Go elsewhere, where they just sell Pugs.
  • its nothing only the level of grreedy of the pet owners fixing the price
  • I agree with everyone saying that both the "micro" and "mini" Pug puppies are a scam by irresponsible breeders, but have one thing to add: Go here to find a responsible breeder that is AKC registered: Also, even with AKC registered breeders there will be large differences in price; this can be due to the quality of the breeding lines, or whether the puppy is pet or show quality (the breeder should let you know). Also keep in mind that there are a lot of Pug mixes in shelters, and plenty of Pug rescues that could help you find a great pug, so I hope you at least consider adopting from a rescue or shelter while you're looking for your new dog!
  • Both are backyard breeders or a puppy mill products - you don't want to get either one. The Pug comes in ONE size only and micro/mini is NOT in the breed description/name. Any time you see this, its runts bred to runts with horrible genetic problems and you will end up spending thousands in medical bills for a short life of the puppy.
  • their owner chose to price them differently , thats it . They arent made in factories you know