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What are the rules and requirements for hunting trials, and how do you train?

I asked this question yesterday but I didn't get any good responses, so I'm trying again. Can I have links to sites and books please? I'm researching for a story. Also I need to know, when is rabbit season and can a non-AKC dog participate in the trials? More specifically I'm working with beagles and rabbit hunting. And I need to know how you first train to hunt alone and then how you would train if another dog was introduced to make a pair. Thank you!


  • here you can look at rules and requirements
  • where are you located? you will want to find the nearest Beagle club in your area.. from the members there you can find practice training sessions and other beaglers who will be more than happy to get you started.
  •;_ylt=AhZ5HXcS1chtgR3wtCdttaPL7BR.;_ylv=3?link=list&sid=396546021&more=&s=answer_count No, only AKC registered dogs may participate in AKC trials. HOWEVER, if your dog is purebred, or appears to be purebred, but is not registered, and your dog is spayed or neutered, then you can get your dog an ILP (indefinite listing privilege) registration which will allow you to participate in trials, but not shows (shows are for conformation).
  • there are alot of clubs for beagle field trials that arent akc nkc is one off the top of my head search field trials and beagle clubs rabbit season depends on where you live there might be a rabbit pen in your area you can take your dog to try ukc also is your dog registered at all email me if you have more questions
  • Here is a link to the rules for the AKC beagle field trials (it is in PDF format); If your beagle isn't AKC registered, you can join the UKC and take part in their events. I have working retrievers, and although they are AKC registered and I do run them in the AKC's tests, I really enjoy the UKC more-you hear more hunting stories with the UKC folks than you do with the AKC folks it seems. The tests are alittle different, so here is a link to the UKC's beagle page; And here is also a link to their beagle rules page; To register with the UKC, unlike AKC your dog's parents do not need to be registered with it. Your best bet is to find a hunting beagle club in your area and get as involved with them as much you can. Read as many books as you can, join hunting forums and talk to folks, and do not rush into it-hunt training takes patience, if you push too hard you'll end up with a pup who's too bored or too confused to work. Here are a few good books for you Rabbit Hunting, by Dave Fisher Beagles vs Cottontails, by Dave Fisher (his books are definitely worth checking out) Beagle Training Basics; the care, training, and hunting of the beagle, by Bill Bennett And also, a few websites and good articles to read; And a forum;
  • If you're interested in building your library, a good source for books and DVDs about all aspects of dogs is Dogwise. I don't know exactly what kind of book you're looking for, but it might be worth taking a peek at their listing.