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Is it ok for the puppy to sleep in the crate all night?

I just got this 9 wks old golden retriever, he won't stop barking all night last night (1st night). We currently use a gate to fence him off in the kitchen (because everywhere else is carpeted in our apartment), but he doesn't like it and will pee and poop everywhere in the kitchen. Should i get a crate for him instead? I just thought he'll have more room in the kitchen then to be confined in a crate. If i do get him a crate, can he sleep in the crate all night? I mean when we go to bed, we should put him back in the crate right? And just ignore him when he barks? He wakes up really early, do we have to wake up early with him too? Do we put his food/water tray in the crate too? The breeder gave us a towel with his mom's scent on it, but it's not helping. We have lots of toys for him and some chewing stuff. I don't want him to be scared of us in the beginning by ignoring him all night. ARGH!! HELP!


  • The puppy is lonely at night. Just like a person gets lonely he misses the comfort of his brothers and sisters. Also if you leave him in the kitchen all night of course he's going to pee and poo everywhere he is a puppy and cant hold it that long. Let him sleep in your bed with you. Wake up every two to three hours and take him out. That is what puppy needs. Otherwise the two of you will be miserable. Even if he cant sleep in the bed with you make him a little bed at the edge of your bed so that he knows he's not alone. And dont forget to wake up and take him out. He cannot hold it all night no matter where you put him! I hope this helps! This is what I do with my 3 month old puppy mix and she's working out beautifully! She has the hang of it now and so long as I take her out in the morning she doesnt pee in the house. Your puppy will adjust, I promise!
  • Put the crate with the golden in it next to your bed, he probably will stop barking, but if that doesn't work then he may just want some more cuddle time during the day. And i suggest you train him.
  • Crate training/housebreaking, you have two separate issues, here is an answer to one that you may find helpful. House training my New Puppy Often asked question, the one thing every new pup owner dreads Things you need to know first, before you start. Pups normally arrive to their new home when they are between 8-10 weeks of age. Unfortunately they do not have full bladder control at this age, it is physically impossible for your pup to hold onto it. When he has to go, he will go. How long do I wait then you ask? Well you don't, you start to teach as soon as pup arrives, but you don't expect too much, or the impossible. By 12 weeks his body has matured and bladder control finally kicks in. Even so, the max amount of time he can hold it for will be between 2-4 hours. 1. Pick a spot outside where you intend for pup to go. 2. Every time you take pup out use the same spot. 3. Take pup out as often as every hour for the first week. 4. Take pup out after every feed, drink, exercise, play time. Even if pup doesn't go, that's fine, just wait with pup for a few minutes, if you get a result then give heaps and heaps of praise. Be consistant, don't give up and never rub pups nose in his excrements if he does do it inside, all you will do is confuse the pup and possibly turn him against you. All about puppies
  • A crate is best. Keep it near where you sleep and put an old small stuffed animal in there along with an old style alarm clock that ticks (the ticking calms them down) You may have to get up a time or two at night to take him straight outside to go. When he goes, say good boy and pet him and let him get a drink of water. Don't put the water or food in there. He can eat when he is out in the day time. Just remember to keep the crate in the room or near the room where you are sleeping.. Good luck
  • The create is the dogs room as dogs are denning animals and the Crete is his den leave the door open so the dog can go in or out only close the dood if you leave for the day. If you have a wire crate cover the top and sides leaving the front only open so it look like a cave (den)
  • Yes. You should get him a crate. Dogs like the sercurity of a crate. It will cry in there too, but once he understands he is staying in there over night he will be fine. Though, he may need to go outside sometime durring the night. A kennel is a good choice becuase you know he isn't going to pee or poop in there, as dogs usually won't go in the place they sleep and you know he isn't getting into anything that could hurt him and he isn't chewing anything up. I wouldn't put any food or water in the kennel with it, he'll just have to go outside more. I don't know if having a tower with mom's scent on it would help... I would think it would just make it worse knowing he can smell her, but can't find her, so he barks and crys. But I'm not sure. He won't be scared of you if you ignore him. Ignoring him is the best you can do because he will realize that barking and crying isn't getting him anywhere and will stop.
  • Crating the puppy at night is a good Idea. It'll make him/her happier to see you in the morning when its time to get up. To stop the barking mabey put a ticking clock or something that makes a constant noise in the crate with him/her to remind it of its mother and siblings.
  • Crate training is probably a better idea.He can be put in the crate all night,and most of the day too if you want to fully crate him.There will probably be a few accidents,but dogs are like people,they don't like to hang around their own waste,so he'll learn fast.Crate training is not mean,as long as you don't leave him in there around the clock.Walk him once every 1-2 hours through the day,then right before you go to bed,and the second you wake up.Let him out of the crate for 45 minutes or so after you walk him,then put him back in.Feed him in the crate,but you can just let him have water when he comes out.Also,letting him have 24 hour access to water will make him have to pee constantly.Preferably,feed him 2 or 3 small meals around the same time every day,and his bathroom time will probably become more regular.Make sure whenever you let him out you are with him,and if he looks like he's sniffing around for a place to pee/poop take him out right away.Catching him in the act is the best way to do it.Eventually,your dog will begin to feel safe in his crate,and he'll actually like going in there.As he gets used to routine,you can let him out for longer and longer spans of time until he finally only has to go in there at night.Hope I helped :o)
  • Yes, crating is best. Don't put him in til right before you go to sleep and let him out when you wake up. If you sleep a normal amount of time, you don't need to get up early, but if you try to sleep in, you'll have to get up to let him out and go back to bed. Dogs won't leave messes in their crate unless you leave them in way too long and they can't possibly hold it in longer. If he barks, ignore him, he'll stop eventually and sleep through the night. Leave the water and food out, but make sure he doesn't go to sleep hungry or thirsty. Make sure there's a toy or 2 in his crate to chew up if he's awake and you're not. Let him outside right before bed time and immediately in the morning. Not sure on golden retrievers, but he still might be too young too leave all night and you might have to get up so he can go outside.
  • It is perfectly fine to crate the dog. Your best bet would be to do that but keep the crate in your bedroom right next to your bed and just drape your hand over the side of the bed into the crate. The reason why he is crying all night long is because he wants to be next to his pack. If you think about it... he is used to having his brothers and sisters around him and he is now by himself. And yes you do need to wake up really early with him when he gets up otherwise he is going to pee in the crate and that isn't going to help you while you are trying to housebreak him. He needs to learn to get your attention when he needs to go out. But if you have him next to your bed with you at night he should stop crying and be fine through the night other than if he wakes you to go outside. Which if he does you need to praise him for letting you know so he knows that he did the right thing.
  • first of all da puppy is scared cause it was his first nite second of all u should put him in da bathroom and put newspaper on da floor and his food water and milk there 2 dan buy da crate with his toys in it and 0play with him alot during da day dont let him fall asleep so dat wen he goes 2 bed he'll sleep alll nite cuz he's tired and so will u. And dont but nothin in da only his toys and da towel wit his moms scent.
  • Crate training your dog is probably one of the best things you can do. Having a crate for your dog allows for your dog to have it's own home. Put in some toys, a comfy piece of bedding and put your dog in their. During the day, when you are unable to keep your full attention on your dog, put you dog in the crate. This way, your dog won't do anything he isnt supposed to, like pee or poop on the floor). During the night, putting your dog in its crate will allow for you to get a decent night sleep without worrying about your dog and what it's doing (eating something its not supposed to, pooping or peeing, etc). Before you go to sleep, allow your dog to use the bathroom outside and then place it in the crate. Since your puppy is still young, you will probably be waking up a few times during the night for potty breaks. Your dog will not be able to hold it a full night until it gets much older. Do not put food or water in the crate because within a half an hour of eating or drinking, your puppy will have to use the bathroom and you don't want your dog eliminating in it's crate. That is a hard habit to break. The crate should just be big enough for your dog to stand up and turn around. Now, your dog will probably go through a few crates. We have a rotti and we bought several crates because she keeps getting bigger and bigger. She is at 90 lbs and is due for the biggest crate they can possibly sell! Crate training is probably one of the best things you can teach your dog. Plus, your dog will have it's own safe haven and can feel comfortable in there. Oh, and it's normal for the dog to cry in the crate. If it just went to the bathroom, then it is just nervous. Keep them in the crate and let them cry. They will stop. But, if it's been a while since your doggie peed or pooped, it may be a cry for a bathroom break. Keep toys and a comfly blanket in there and then you are good to go! Good Luck!