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What are good names for dachshund puppies?

I am getting two dachshund puppies and we are trying to the of names for them but we cant think of anything. I want cute names not like tough names but not like cupcake and stuff haha I will try to put pictures of the puppies they are both males, Thanks! I will give points for best answer!! you have to highlight the website and right click it then press go to website if its not working sorry :) Thanks again!!


  • Sampson and Goliath, both are from the bible and mean strength
  • I like Furgi and Mojo
  • Wrigley, Jake, Cooper, Braxton, Sam, Logan, Carter, Ollie, Oliver, Abraham, Butterball, Murphy, Seth, Darth Vador lol, Kian, Connor, JC, etc. just name it like you would name your child!
  • Give them a name that is not to obvious like Rover or Peter. Watch them for a couple of days and I'm sure you will find the right ones for them!
  • I have a dachshund pup mix and she cracks me up. I have already named her but other keep coming to mind, like "short stuff", "string bean"
  • no name ideas, just advice. DON'T GET TWO Its hard enough training ONE dog, but two puppies? Two STUBBORN puppies? Are you insane? You will drive yourself crazy trying to train both of them, since they will distract each other and undo training constantly. get one dog.
  • My family had several dachshunds through the years I was growing up. We always had girls. We normally named them as if they were children. So names like Natasha and Cindy were favourites. The only exception was a long haired standard dachshund we rescued. We called her Tiki, after a New Zealand good luck charm. So my suggestion is to give them boys names and not typical doggy sounding names. After all, they will be members of your family. Dachshunds of course will want to be central members of your family too and a part of all the action. Some names I would suggest: Usain - after the olympic runner. Sebastian - after the formula 1 champion Rory - from Doctor Who Blake - rebel from the British TV show - Blakes 7 Cody - after the hunter - buffalo bill cody Buckley - because he has Buckley's chance of getting any ice-cream from me. Crockett - after Davy Crockett Mawson - after the antarctic explorer Harry - after Harry Houdini, famous for his escape arts. Reilly - ace of spies Tucker - star trek character (from enterprise) and Australian slang for food.