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What is Weaning puppies and when will pomeranian puppies open their eyes?

I've been reading about the weaning process but it doesn't tell me what it is. My pups will be 1 week old on tuesday. Also, When will Pomeranian puppies open their eyes?


  • weaning puppies is starting them on solids but wait till their 4 weeks old then get some puppy canned or dry soak the dry in water n let it soften the canned you can warm up in a microwave dont get it hot just luke warm you may have to put some on your finger to entice them to eat or stick alittle on their tounge then move them to the saucer.their eyes start opening between the 15th n 17th day. its gonna be messy the first few days but they will lick each other clean or you can wipe them off with a wet warm rag n cover them up till they pom rejected her pups at birth so i had to bottle feed them their on canned puppyfood now.their 4 weeks old.
  • All of this you should have known BEFORE your dog ever got pregnant Between 2 and 3 weeks their eyes will open The weaning process is when the pups are slowly transitioned from milk to solid food.
  • why are you raising puppies if you cant answer these questions?!?! to begin with they pups should start openeing their eyes at 2 weeks..they will just start peaking out at first in the corners so please..please do not try and force the eyes all the way open. and to begin weaning i would start offering the puppies soaked until soft puppy food..and its ok to let mom eat the left over puppy food..this is actually good for her. starting at 4-5 weeks start limiting the time mom is with the pups and feeding them puppy food more often until mom is completly out of the picture...i do with the best to the puppies...maybe next time you should study up alittle befor the pups arrive and also..should de-worm the pups at 3 weeks..and again in 10 days to kill all eggs that have hatched. should begin puppy shots at 6 weeks
  • First pups no matter the breed will ope hteir eyes and ears at 7-10 days old Weaning is the process of starting a pup on dog food and less milk form mom as mom will usually start drying up and oalso get fustrated as the pups begin ot get teeth at about 4 weeks old and they hurt,. I start my pups at 4 weeks old with mmoistened puppy chow with goats milk ( make into a soup that they can lap to start with hten slowly make it thicker until about 6-7 weeks they are on hard solid puppy chow. My vet also suggest worming mim and pups at 2,4,6,8 and 10 weeks old and givnig first shot( vaccine) at 6 weeks old
  • weaning is when the pups stop drinking mom's milk. The eyes will open any time now- usually at 7 days- 2 weeks.
  • Weaning is when the pups stop feeding from the mother and start eating solid food. Pups open their eyes around 2 wks of age, give or take. (Just to point out...these are both issues you should have research and been aware of way BEFORE breeding!)