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How do I place a free advertizement for the sale of my Maltese puppies?

I have 4 female Maltese puppies for sale. They are American Pet Registered and have their shots. They are 12 weeks old. I am willing to listen to any reasonable offers on the price of them. They are purebred and very cute. I live in Las Vegas, Nevada. My telephone number is (702) 655-6056.


  • Possibly make a poster on the computer, and print alot of copys, stick them up @ shops, and have a sign out the front. i hope this helps you.
  • put an add in the classifieds in the local newspaper and put up sign on the bulletin boards in grocery stores. make sure you put up a sign in frount of your house or you can go on the radio like a tella shopper and advertise, saying that you have puppies to give away.
  • You just did
  • Flyers! Best things ever. Same thing you would use if you lost one of the puppies. Just make flyers with a picture, puppy information, your information, and a cheezy tag line (optional...hehe...). Thats how I found my beagle. Flyers...yeah. :D
  • You can go to and post free posting for absolutely FREE!! I have sold tickets, electronics, and bought many other things. When you go to the site just click on the city you live in and post your ad for free. I hope this helped!
  • Go to you can list them for free. Also there are several more you can locate by doing a simple search.