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How do we take care of labrador puppies in such a hot climate in chennai and what food to keep them healthy?

Chennai is very burning hot these days and i have two labrador puppies with me. What should i do to keep them away from this heat and what food should t give to keep them healthy and strong? I also want to take them to my home town by train from chennai to guwahati. What are the safety measures needed to take while travelling by train.


  • to keep them cool: water with ice cubes. also lot of dogs like chewing on ice cubes. when traveling try to make sure they have water, in a bottle that attaches to their kennel (i'm not sure what you are transporting them in) and also if you get a few hot water bottles but keep cold water in it, it will keep the water chill and they can lay on it or next to it if they get warm.
  • Give them lot of water , i think that would be enought to keep them healthy and stronger , try to keep the puppies in a cool place like under the fan or cooler .. there are lot of things to be considered for the travel as it would be a long journey(chennai to Guwahati ) , first of all i dont think u would be allowed to take it in passengers compartment ,u would have to keep it with the luggages .. which is not so recomendable for the pups .. a proper cage .. it needs to let out its waste too . you need to feed it at the right time too -- better leave it in creche for dogs ..
  • i have heard of cool packs for dogs. google it see if you can find any near you.when traveling make sure they have water. when we travel by car i freeze a few bottles of water and as it melts they drink it from the bottle, nothing beats freash ice water when your hot. I don't know how far the trip is (lenght of time) so I can't give any tips there. for food find something where meat is the first few indegrents. no corn and as little filler as you can afford.
  • I have also three Labrador.This tipes of dogs hates hot always try to keep them in cold room.And you also give them pedigree.This is a very healthy food those doges.OK buy.