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What is the most effective way to stop my 10 week labrador puppy stop jumping as soooon as possible?

Please help me. I know labrador puppies jumps a lot because they like to play a lot and moreover lab puppies are most affectionate one and they are jumping to express their love. And the most funny thing is Iam afraid of this little puppy when he jumps at me!!!!!! So I have to stop his jumping behaviour as soon as possible to train his obedience lessons. Please help me!!!!!


  • Why would you want that, isn't it cute!!!!
  • Once he jumps on you, quickly turn around, your back facing him. Dont give eye contact or talk to him for several seconds. Keep your back facing him if he keeps jumping on you, once he stops jumping, play with him, and keep repeating the process over again.
  • You're absolutely right to try and get it sorted now, wish I'd done that! They get so strong they can push you over! Also v embarrassing when you take them to the vets! I did get mine to stop by turning my back to her as soon as she jumps. Also try the 'down' command if the dog knows it. It soon realises that jumping means boring time and stops.
  • He is very little but he is not too young to start training. The best no jump technique I know for puppies is to let him drag a leash around on him. (don't let him chew it). When he is used enough to the leash to ignore it, practice being around him but keep your foot on the leash about a foot from his collar, and then try to pet him.. he most likely will jump up towards you but the foot on the leash will keep him from actually doing it. He will self correct himself and you will not be giving him attention for an unwanted behavior.
  • one of the best ways is.. when puppy jumps on you.. cross your arms and turn the other direction and don't say a word.. and continue this until he stops.. remember do not say a word or look at him.. the whole point is to ignore the puppy jumping. when he stops or sits. After about 5 or 10 seconds praise him and give him a treat and continue what you were doing.. if he jumps again ignore him until he stops, and sits then praise him and give him lots of pats, and hugs and kisses. :) ! this worked for my Lab and many other people that i know.
  • Are you really afraid of him? First of all, you need to show some dominance, you can't be afraid of him! He will run all over you if you don't show some back bone. And you really can't train a dog to "not" jump on you, if they're really excited to see you, they will go crazy, and get all over you. That's just how they show affection. But you could just turn the opposite way of him, every time he tries to jump on you, he will settle down after a while.
  • Turn to the side so that he is not jumping in your face, which he does because he loves you. Don't pet him or give him the attention that he wants when he jumps. That will only encourage more jumping. Some people say to put your knee up so it goes into his chest when he jumps and that makes it uncomfortable for him, but I don't agree with that. Speak a harsh "NO", and when he listens to you give him lots of love and praise...Good Luck!
  • What I've always done is if you're standing and the puppy jumps up make a loud noise like AAAAHHT! just very short and quick and turn away from him, arms crossed, and ignore him, don't make a sound. Do this every time he jumps and don't pay him attention until he settles down. Soon he'll realize that jumping displeases you and he'll only get attention when he's acting calmly
  • this is what i was taught in obedience class, and it worked great with my German Shepherd pup, who now weighs 125 pounds (so I'm glad it worked). When they jump, smack there nose and tell them NO in a firm voice. It broker my dog quickly of the bad habit.