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What hotels are near the greyhound bus station in dallas texas?

Does anyone know of the greyhound bus station in Dallas Texas? What hotels are nearby? All info and links are appreciated. Thank You :)


  • The main station is downtown, and there are several satellite bus stations. There are several hotels within a few blocks of the bus station, and some are nice, however, this is a seedy area of town and I would not walk around at night.
  • Hi! The Dallas Texas greyhound bus station is located on Lamar St, Downtown. Depending on your budget, you've got the Crowne Plaza Hotel, it's expensive, but a very nice place, only a couple blocks from the bus station. the Hotel Lawrence, on south Houston st is nice as well, less expensive. You'll find many usefull tips and info about bus routes, schedules, bus stops in Texas and in other states on
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