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How much exercise does my dalmatian puppy need?

I will soon be getting an 8 week old dalmatian puppy. I live in a very large three bedroom apartment with a roof patio area, so he'll have plenty of indoor space. I think I read somewhere ten minutes per one month? I know dalmatians are very active breeds and I'm looking forward to great long walk/runs with him, but I don't know how soon I should be embarking on long walks. Is it ok for their development to have lots of exercise? Is it better to have lots of little short walks whilst he's only little and then progress to longer walks?


  • The rule is ... 5 mins per day per month of life... so 2 months = 10 mins per day which is actually 1/2 mile total so no mean amount for little legs.
  • i took my golden puppy for a ton of walks and alot of exercise, i def think this helped with her not getting into trouble like eating and chewing the furniture.
  • Congrats, the rule is 5 mins for every month, however it can boil down to the individual dog. My 10 month old puppy has the same as my 4 year old dogs -2-3 hours over 2-3 walks a day. And that's all offlead :) Of course this is only where other dogs have been on the ground 2 weeks after vaccinations are finished :)
  • I don't know about that 10 minute thing. Puppys need a lot of exercise. Take him for walks, not too long tho. Once he has all his shots, take him to doggy parks, let him run around and socialize with other dogs. Just be aware of when he's hot and tired and keep water with you. Enjoy your puppy, all he's gonna wanna do is play.
  • Until the puppy is 6 months old he/she will get plenty of exercise playing inside and going on short walks. When the puppy gets 6 months slowly start taking him/her on longer walks everyday. Dalmatians are a very active breed so a good exercise depends on how healthy your dalmation will be