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Why does my Whippet dog weeing on his leg all of a sudden?

Hi. My whippet dog has these last few days been peeing on his front few legs & He's wee'd on me & my nephew... He doesn't mean it because he's further away. What could this mean? He's 1 and a half by the way. Thank-you for your answers.


  • If your dog pees on people it is either sick and can't control it or it is telling you it is so dominant that it can do whatever it wants to you. If it isn't fixed get it fixed. If it is fixed you either need to do some training so it sees you as the leader and all humans as superior or take him to a vet to see if he has an infection.
  • My neighbours male Whippets all managed to hit their front legs when they peed. It was a pain in the neck when we sat them because they needed wiping down. I don't know why he has 'suddenly' started this unless he's become stiff for some reason and isn't able to get into a better position. But at only 1.5 years, it shouldn't be stiffness. If he's weeing more than normal, and indoors perhaps, he could have an infection (uti) going on. This needs checking, in case he has bladder stones too/instead. Thank goodness for my female Whippet eh!!