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How do I move my neurotic dog halfway around the country with minimal stress?

Moving from Michigan to California with a whippet. Dog was raised in house with fenced in backyard and another whippet of about the same age.


  • drugs most likely-for the dog, not you. Talk to the vet.
  • Ask your vet for rx for valium. Great anti-anxiety drug, and lasts about twice as long as lorazepam or alprazolam.
  • get him stuffed.
  • Any vet can give you a mild sedative for the dog. It is almost like Valium for us. We have to give it to our dog when he travels or if there are thunder storms. It is pretty common to get a prescription. Most vets give it to any animal that flies. Just a pill pop in in something they will eat and its gone.
  • herb called valerian root dose by weight . will cause calmness. buy in walmart.
  • There's a good chance that your dog will need to be drugged so that he does not harm himself. I don't know if you are flying or driving, and that will play a part. Discussing options with your vet is your best bet. I am not a fan of medicating dogs needlessly but this is one of those situations that can really scare a dog and they may hurt themselves trying to escape or overly stress themselves. Best of luck with your move and your dog. I have had whippets, they are lovely :-)
  • I would definitely speak to a vet but medicine seems like the best way to go. Try to research a good vet in the area you will be travelling in just in case your dog has a bad reaction from the drugs too. The last thing you need on holidays is doggie stress. Good Luck!
  • Sedations like Ace. Acepromazine takes the edge off during stressful times.
  • Your vet can actually administer him a tranquilizer, and if needed give you some for you to administer to your pup if he needs it again.
  • sedatives.
  • We get ACE from our vet for July 4th and Jan 1. It works well. If you are flying the dog out you must sedate the dog, they fly with the cargo and the changes in air pressure will make them extremely uncomfortable.
  • When we travel I give my dogs Dramamine to relax them on the car ride it works great , you have to ask your vet how much to give for the dogs weight
  • A mild sedative.If your driving and have time before the move.Take your pooch for little drives then longer and longer.but good luck,but use a crate.For your dog and yours SAFETY